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Vision & Mission

People’s Rural Education Movement (PREM) is a secular, humanitarian, non-political and non-governmental organization working for the development of Adivasi (indigenous), Dalit, Fisher folk and other marginalized communities of Odisha and other states of India.  The organization has a clear vision and mission to accomplish it. PREM believes in its philosophy to be a part of the people we serve.

Our Vision

PREM’s vision is the creation of a new social order in which the present unorganized and marginalized people have a say in decision making, where education creates awareness and develops skills and fosters the growth of talents, where culture is ever creative, where men and women are totally liberated from all dehumanizing and oppressive forces and where the decisions of individuals and communities are based on the values of social justice, equality, truth, freedom and the dignity of human life.

Our Mission

The mission of PREM is to support, empower and facilitate people’s organizations for sustainable development in education, governance, health and livelihood; for access to knowledge, resources and innovation to achieve quality of life; and for mainstreaming gender equality, child rights, social inclusion and human rights for Adivasi, Dalit, Fisherfolk and other marginalized communities of India.

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