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Bal Vikas Child Focused Community Development Project, Supported by KNH, Germany

PREM in collaboration with KNH( Kindernothelfe) implementing the project “Bal Vikas Child Focused Community Development” which develops sustainable education, livelihood, food security, community-managed healthcare, self-help groups and child rights and advocacy in 30 tribal villages in Daringbadi block, Kandhamal district, Odisha state, India.

The project has been addressing the existing problems of poverty, deprivation and marginalization faced by these communities by building the knowledge, skills and capacity of the people to govern their own development; by promoting and strengthening people’s organizations; by developing and promoting access to quality education from pre-school to secondary school, health, livelihood, income and food security; and by focusing on children and child rights in implementing all community-based activities.

This project is impacting nearly 1200 households in improving access to and awareness of healthcare, education, livelihood and child rights. Through this project communities will access primary health services. Malaria, diarrhea and anemia can be addressed at community levels. Children will access quality education and communities will be aware of the importance of education and ensuring that children are enrolled in school. Women’s self-help groups and community-based organizations will ensure governance and ownership of development initiatives for sustainability. The members of Self Help Groups will be empowered in the areas of economic, social and political through the SHA approach of KNH. This approach also ensures the community development by achieving economic, social and political goals set by the groups.All members of communities will engage together in ensuring an improved quality of life for themselves and their children.

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